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Customer Testimonials

  Bruce handled my inquiry exceptionally and reaffirmed why I refer countless people to your services. I am extremely pleased with the way you handled the implementation of your new guidelines while honoring your existing customers. 

Tim Rine | http://www.metroshieldeu.com

  More people should know that the Customer Service there is SUPERIOR to my previous host. Once again the SUPERIOR SUPPORT STAFF at Catalog.com has pulled my fat from the fire! This is the EXACT reason that I transferred my domain. 

Rob Christina | http://www.robchristina.com

  We are very happy with the service and products you offer to our company. We are happy to be used as a reference for any and all of our listings with you. 

Tom Sielatycki | http://www.absolutevideo.com

  I appreciated the help very much and getting the issues resolved so I could continue the work on the web site. 

Cynthia Thompson | http://www.fbsumc.org

  Speedy Service! Thank you!! 

Angela Chesley | http://www.teacherspet-fishing.com

  I love your support. You answer the phone quickly with knowledgeable people. DON'T STOP. This is why I use your service for several of my websites and why I refer my customers to your service!! 

Steve Seymour | http://www.cmitsolutions.com/plano

  Fantastic Support! Thank you! 

Dora Dale | http://www.doradale.com

  Awesome Support! Provided the exact answer I needed. Thanks! 

Gary Bishop | http://www.119ranch.org

  It was about 10 minutes and the problem was fixed. GREAT JOB !!!! 

Matt C | http://www.incrediblecapital.com

  In the amount of time most people wait on hold at an ordinary ho-hum Internet provider Catalog.com's expert Technical Support Team had my problem resolved and me very pleased. Amazing! In less than ten minutes I was back in business. 

Russell Bunge | http://www.wirewove.com

  You guys are the best. I've called several times always gotten through to someone knowledgeable and always been completely satisfied with the service. Thanks. 

Art Steinmark | http://www

  Ricky Brooks was great. Can't imagine better service and faster resolution than that. Thanks! 

Henry Shires | http://www.tarptent.com

  In 2 minutes George fixed my issue. I am a reseller and I recommend Catalog.com to everyone because of people like George. Thank you and I look forward to being with you all for at least another 10 Years! 

Wendy Lee | http://www.superhealthco.com

  Excellent Service! 

Mike Schaper | http://www.accu-blend.com

  I do recommend to all my clients that they investigate hosting to Catalog.com. I have found your customer service to be excellent and I especially appreciate that you actually have a phone number where I can talk to a real person! 

C A | http://www

  In the year+ that I have used Catalog.com there has been no interruptions in service. And access to my files and uploading my pages has been fast and easy. 

William Rix | http://www.wacondafurniture.com

  George provided the normal OUTSTANDING service that I have come to expect from Catalog.com. 

John Dyer | http://www.dyerenterprises.com

  I appreciate the excellent service I received on my problem ticket and how quickly it was resolved. Thanks again. Very happy with the fast efficient resolution to my problem. Thank you so much!!! 

Lisa Ellsworth | http://www.eastcoastgym.com

  Site Builder is completely equipped with everything a person needs who has never thought of designing their own website. With Site Builder you have the ability to produce a quality professional website without paying expensive fees to a web designer. 

Iris Jones | http://www.authenticinc.com

  As an artist trying to get started in the art world I really like and appreciate what Catalog.com allows me to do. 

James Kelsey | http://www.jameskelseystudios.com

  I have been very satisfied with the tech support I have received. The staff at catalog.com is very competent is resolving technical issues. Great job! Quickly resolved all issues and questions. 

Bill A | http://www.hstelecomm.com

  Catalog.com has provided me with wonderful support. The one or two times I've had to call and speak with someone on your support staff have been very enjoyable. 

Tom Cornish | http://www.tncdesigns.net

  Glenn made a quick response to my request and performed very expeditiously on correcting the matter!!! 

Tim Lowder | http://www.dynamicstrategies.org

  I have no idea how Catalog.com stays in business considering the high level of service they provide. Terrell Johnson is a genius. It took him less than a few minutes to diagnose and pinpoint the problem 

Dan Pearson | http://www.wheatontroop374.org

  LFI has been with Catalog.com since the Ethos days and 2400 baud modems. Great and dependable service courteous and knowledgeable support personnel who as an added bonus speak ENGLISH. We highly recommend this company. 

Heinz Mayer | http://www.lfi2000.com

  Terrell has assisted me twice with my website. Both times he has been very helpful courteous and knowledgeable. He even remembered speaking with me two weeks ago saving me the trouble of explaining my project/issues all over again. Thank you Terrell! 

Abby Slattery | http://www.sgpallc.com

  I am really happy with how you're handling customer service and I really appreciate the feedback surveys. Your online customer support has really improved over the years. 

Kathy Beeler | http://www

  I was really impressed with Scott's service. The fact that it took a fair amount of time to resolve is a direct reflection on the complexity of the challenge that he addressed. 

Peter Mentzer | http://www.wooblelab.org

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